Thursday, April 29, 2010

my friend julie

so my friend julie told me that it's important for me to write all my kenyan experiences down. since i havent gone to kenya yet i get to write about me preparing to go.

so first off i do not like animals. if you know me i am sure you have seen this one time or another. i am nervous about getting to kenya and having these strange animals all over the place. i dont like them. i dont like to look at them. i dont like to touch them. i dont like to talk about them. i just dont like animals. at least i can openly admit this. she thinks that i need to get over this slowly so when i get to kenya im not screaming every 5 seconds that i see a strange animal.

second, change for kenya is going good. we are in an arts show this weekend that i hope will rack in some good money. we have decided to cut the chains short and add beads to them. we dont really know what we are doing, we just make things up as we go along. also, 2 different people purchased $100 orders yesterday so thank you!

third, bret (the director of the expedition, not my ex boyfriend haha) called my mom and told her that the expedition is full so we need to reserve our spots asap. i hope some good, cool people are going on the trip with us. it would be cool if some kids my age were going.

fourth, i am now working full time at the preschool so that will help rack in some good money for the trip!

i am going to kenya in 84 days!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Oh sweet sadie!

Change for Kenya is going to be in the Oh sweet sadie! show this weekend. Come and check us out. It is at warehouse in DayBreak. Call me if you need info. I would love you to come.

Friday, April 23, 2010

the preschool


i successfully worked my first full time work week at the preschool. i know lots of people work full time but this is a huge accomplishment for me. yay for me! 40 hours of children! i did it! hooray for me!!

Monday, April 5, 2010


I feel like lately all i have been thinking about is kenya- me going to kenya and dallin in kenya. i am planning on going to kenya with my dad and mccall with koins for kenya this summer. in order to raise money for my trip i am selling these on this website. i encourage all of you to buy one. please please! all of your money will go directly to my trip which will benefit the country and people of kenya.

Anywho... the fam went to st george this weekend for easter/spring break. the weather was so nice. i layed out the whole week (thurs-sun). i got some good color on my face and my arms. i am so excited for summer. i wore both of my new swim suits. ahh i cannot wait for summer. while i was in st george i saw the movie the last song. im going to admit that i love miley cyrus. i fell in love with her when i worked efy last summer. i probably heard her two songs that go like this sttttuttering and everybody makes mistakes a million times. they were played more then once at each efy dance. not to mention she was on american idol last week. yay!
i loved this movie. i didnt cry but everyone in the theater were bawling. i want to see it again so bad.

another thing as of lately is that i am not dating conor anymore. all im going to say is he turned out to be someone that i dont want to date.

another thing is that all the babies in my preschool class are 1 year olds. well i have one girl that will be one in 2 weeks. i am so excited. i gave them all little books for their birthdays. they have developed so much. a few of them will be walking soon. they are so cute and so much fun to be around. i absolutely love going to work and being able to help out these cute children.

efy is being so lame. i didnt get accepted to provo but i am not sure about salt lake and logan. the website says that im accepted but they havent emailed me yet. i keep asking them and they are clueless. kinda frustrating!! i havent heard of anyone that has been accepted to provo. very strange.

we only have 2 more activities for sigma. i am so sad that it is over.

p.s. buy a necklace from me.

Friday, April 2, 2010


I have created a blog for Dallin. It will have all his emails and his pictures.
If you want to see it click HERE
or go to

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