Thursday, November 25, 2010


This year for Thanksgiving we went to St. George. It was so much fun.
Our Thanksgiving present was a Kinnect. Here is Dallin dancing.
Austin's favorite game to play is ninja. Here is a good game of ninja.
I spent the whole trip reading Eat, Pray, Love. I am obsessed with this book. My reward at the end of the trip was watching the movie.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

More days like this

The last two days have quite fun.
This is how Thursday went:
Woke up
Waited outside the temple for Breanne
Gave Breanne some love and took some pics
Went to the mall with my mom
Bought a new dress and some earrings
Ate lunch at Nordstroms cafe
Went to Kristi's and got my hair done
I was brave and had bangs cut
Went to Breanne's reception
Hung out with Ally Stacey and Ashley at the reception
Finished all my institute binders
Went to bed

Friday went like this:
Woke up super early (530am!) for an institute meeting
Came home and went back to bed
Woke up and went back to Nordstroms with my mom
Got a make over at the MAC counter
Bought all new MAC makeup for my birthday
Bought some new scarves
Ate at Nordstroms (again!)
Went to Jenni's art show
Bought some new headbands
Came home and hung out with Austin
Played some volleyball with Austin
Worked on some tutus
Watched a funny tv show about girls finding wedding dresses
Took a bath
Went to bed

It was wonderful!

Breanne Cannon

My good friend Breanne Shaw got married on Thursday. She looked so good. I love love her dress. Her flowers were also a-mazing! Congrats Bre.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Ready to play-sets

Here are the sets of onesies/shirts and warmers. These are just a few that I have. I have 20 other sets. Each one is uniquely individual so I only have one set of each.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ready to play!

Look at these super cute things that I am making/selling. Something that I have noticed in my classroom is that moms dress their kids in thick long sleeves during the winter. This is great when we go outside but when we are inside and they are running around the poor kid is dripping in sweat. I have found the solution... why not create removable sleeves. Brilliant. These also double as leg warmers for babies still in onesies. These pictures aren't the greatest. I have also made onesies with cute pictures that match the arm/leg warmers. I also have made the cutest hair clips and tutus. I also have boy warmers and boy warmer/onesie sets.

Onsie: $7
Warmers: $7
A set of onesie and warmers: $12
Hair clip: $4

Hand warmers: $5

Typically the warmers are suppose to come all the way up to the sleeve of the shirt. These girls however chose to model shorter ones. Either style works.
Tutus: $20
(once again notice the hair clip)


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