Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Pickle graduates

Yay!! She doesn't seem this old at all.
Congrats Mickle Pickle!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Band Perry

I love this song. It reminds me so much of Sophie. Not just the words but the actually voice sounds just like Sophie. I feel like this is in some way Sophie touching our lives.


I am loving all of these J Crew swimming suits.
If the sun would decide to shine more and if I was payed a little
more then all 3 of these would be mine!

Elder Danny Christensen

This champion comes home tomorrow!!!!! 2 years in Fiji.
See you tomorrow Danny!


Say hello to my new baby: Fran! I love my new car!!!!

EFY Especially for Youth

I start EFY this Sunday. I am so excited. I have been studying and getting ready ever since I got my acceptance letter. Last Saturday we had an ALL DAY training event. When I say ALL DAY I mean ALL DAY 10am-5pm. Im fortunate enough to have my work give me time off for the weeks I'm working EFY.

Funny things my sprouts say

The other day I was wearing these shoes:
During circle time one of my sprouts turned to me and said "How come you are wearing boy shoes today?" I looked down at my shoes and the only think I could say was "Ya these are kind of boy shoes." Later that day he said another funny thing. I bought a new curling iron. It's really big and makes my curls super relaxed. This was the first day I had tried it out. He said to me "Did you forget to brush your hair today?" I said "No I did my hair today." He then said "My hair looks like that when I first wake up and then my mom brushes it and it fixes it." YES!!!! If I'm not lookin good to a 3 year old then there is no way a 23 year old will want to date me. I laughed all day long.

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