Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Ok so I finally had an hour to blog about AFRICA!! I have so many pictures. I had trouble picking which ones to put up. I hope these are ok. If you want to see more pictures you can look at my Facebook or come on over.
This is the start of the trip. Me James and Mccall traveled together.

After about 24 hours of traveling we finally made it to Kenya.

Seeing Dallin for the first time! We were so excited!

A blue Scion in Mombasa, Kenya. It is true love.

Henna tattoos

We went on a safari.

Look how close those elephants are!

A real life lion. RARRRR!

Dallin's school

This is the class my preschool is pen pals with. I took them pictures my school drew.

Pastor Alex's baby boy

The whole fam in Kenya

This is Dallin's adopted dad, Baba Chengo.

This is the room all the girls stayed in. The blue nets are mosquito nets.

Notice the elephants in the back ground.

We adopted this guy as our brother. His name is Anthony. One of the funniest people I have ever met! Anthony will be coming to Utah next summer if you want to meet him.

These kids became my good friends. They were the kids in the village we stayed in- Mnyenzeni.

This is another awesome guy we met, Khombo. Love him!

Here's the story with this beautiful girl:
One day I found this girl laying in the dirt. She had a really bad ear infection that wasn't getting better. I spent the whole time I was there feeding her, sneaking her antibiotics, putting her asleep for a nap, cleaning her and basically just loving her. She followed me around 24/7. When I woke up she was on my front porch waiting for me. I would spent all day with her and then take her home when it was dark- around 9:00. I love love her! Her name is Konga. Anywhere I would go she would be right behind me. One night I took her home and her dad told me that if I wanted to keep her I could. I wish soo badly that I could have taken her home with me. When I go back to Mnyenzeni she will be the first person I find.
I painted her nails and gave her my t-shirt.

She would take a nap and I would carry her around strapped on my back.

I was a bride's maid at Chakya's wedding.

Here's the whole crew.

They loved when I gave them candy.

This is mine and Mccall's good friend Mose. She walked like 4 miles to bring us coconuts.

On the way home we spent a night in Amsterdam.


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